Road constructions

National highway, motorway, flyover (over passage) junctions, roads abroad

Dam construction

Wastewater treatment construction

Τunnel & cut and cover construction

Ιrrigation network construction

Βuilding construction

Βridge construction

Construction of hydraulic projects

A local and international major player Over the coming years the company’s strategy will pivot around the following axes:

Galvanising its leading position in project construction throughout Greece

  • To preserve its leading position in public and private projects
  • To enhance its positioning in Co-financed Projects Vertical Integration
  • Operation - maintenance of projects
  • Development of quarrying and other activities Expansion abroad
  • Middle East (Oman, Qatar, Kurdistan, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia)
  • Africa
  • Europe (Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Albania) Rationalization of organizational and managerial model
  • Production Optimization
  • Securing Development Sustainability